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6 Differences Between Good and Great Writers

Face-to-face and phone communication is fading fast. We work, love, and live by writing. From emails and activity reports to social media posts and performance reviews, the written word is everywhere. And executives say writing proficiency represents one the biggest...

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The Six Parts of the Sales Proposal Template

In many sales organizations, you create a sales proposal by going into your files and pulling out a proposal for a previous sale that is similar to a sale you’re trying to make. Change the names and the specific features of previous sale, and you have a new sales...

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6 Common Mistakes in Project and Sales Proposal Writing

As we're settling into the new year, it means companies are adjusting for new budgets, which also means new opportunities to propose your services and products. You may find yourself offering a proposal in one of two situations: 1) You send an unsolicited proposal to...

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