💻 This program is delivered virtually.

Program Overview

The Booher Strategic Writing Anywhere Part 2 program leads participants into the variations and exceptions of the MADE Format® to accommodate all types of writing. With this strategic writing training process and proprietary document models, writers will improve their personal and corporate productivity, achieve intended results, improve clarity, and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public. We introduce a drafting tool, document layout, and readability. We also provide an opportunity for participants to receive feedback on writing samples in a small-group environment. This program can be customized for participant needs.

Course duration: 4 hours

Prerequisite: Booher Strategic Writing Anywhere

Key Objectives
  • Use strategic organizational formats that get results.
  • Draft clear summaries for a variety of documents.
  • Write persuasively to increase credibility.
  • Improve clarity.
  • Be concise to make information easily accessible for all readers.
  • Draft complex writing projects quickly.
  • Create easy-to-read, eye-appealing layouts.
Business Outcomes
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • More effective communication with clients and between employees
  • Higher employee productivity
Delivery Method

This program is delivered via Zoom unless another virtual platform is preferred.

Class Size

To ensure a highly productive and engaging program, class is capped at 10 participants with one instructor.