Program Overview

This 1 or 2-day meetings skills training course provides an opportunity for participants to recover time often wasted in nonproductive meetings. Participants will identify the roles of a facilitator/leader, understand group dynamics, determine efficient methods of information exchange, practice techniques for expressing and evaluating ideas in a group setting, and learn techniques for coping with difficult meeting participants.

Key Objectives
  • Eliminate common timewasters in meetings
  • Identify and practice eight roles as a meeting leader
  • Prepare an efficient agenda to keep meeting discussions focused
  • Facilitate seven group processes for improved interaction
  • Control group dynamics with difficult meeting “personalities”
  • Present ideas persuasively as a meeting participant
  • Identify 10 techniques for efficient exchange of information—without a meeting
Who Should Attend

Anyone who frequently leads or participates in meetings

Class Size

Up to 20 participants


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