Program Overview

Conflict can result from excellent work or poor work, from good intentions or misrepresented intentions, from appropriate or inappropriate behavior. When the inevitable conflict surfaces, you need to know how to identify and deal with it so that it doesn’t drain your energy and sabotage your effectiveness. What choices do you have in dealing with conflict positively? How do you give and accept negative feedback so that it’s useful? How do you say “no” firmly and tactfully? How do you deal with difficult people? This half day (4-hour) session will provide both insights and techniques to resolve conflicts and improve relationships.

Key Objectives
  • Identifying resolvable and unresolvable conflicts so you know when and how to spend time and emotional effort
  • Resolving conflict in difficult situations with four key choices
  • Phrasing conflict statements directly but positively to focus discussion on the issue
  • Dealing with difficult people with practical, proven techniques
  • Giving and accepting constructive feedback to make ideas usable and improve results
  • Apologizing and accepting apologies to restore relationships
Who Should Attend

Managers and general professionals

Class Size

Up to 20 participants


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