Program Overview

This 3-day proposal writing training course is designed for proposal writers who must sell their ideas, products, or services to external readers. Clients submit actual samples of proposals written by their organization, and those samples become the basis of the proposal writing training workshop discussion and exercises.

Key Objectives
  • Recognize characteristics of a good proposals
  • Determine what is needed—formal or informal proposals
  • Evaluate requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Formulate proposal writing strategy based on strengths and competitors’ weaknesses
  • Develop a basic, persuasive format
  • Plan the overall writing project
  • Organize and write the first draft
  • Write effective executive summaries
  • Design appropriate graphics
  • Prepare accompanying transmittal letters that sell
  • Identify and use persuasive language
  • Add the finishing touches and special effects to create eye-appeal
  • Edit for clarity, proper style, and grammar
  • Prepare for the next proposal
Who Should Attend

Those who write proposals.

Class Size

Up to 20 participants

feb, 08 2018
As we're settling into the new year, it means companies are adjusting for new budgets, which also means new opportunities to propose your services and products. You may find yourself offering a proposal in one of two situations: 1) You send an unsolicited proposal to persuade the reader he or she needs your product or service; or 2) The reader is aware of a need, but you must persuade him or her that you’re the best source for the solution to meet the need. Your proposal may take the form of...


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