Program Overview

Do your employees waste their own time and that of others with rambling, incomplete, or unclear email messages? If so, this 1-day email writing training workshop will provide tips and techniques to save your organization time on both the sending and receiving end of communication!

Key Objectives
  • Use the MADE Format® for organizing messages quickly and clearly
  • Identify essentials for recording customer interactions in your database
  • Select appropriate details
  • Make information easily accessible with easy-to-read, eye-appealing layouts
  • Improve clarity of your messages with short sentences, specific words, and clear references
  • Identify and correct the ten most common grammatical errors
  • Differentiate between informal and formal styles—and when each is appropriate
  • Follow the rules of email etiquette to create the proper image
  • Manage high-volume email
Who Should Attend

Anyone who composes mail. Course also focuses on oral communications skills, as well as leadership skills.

Class Size

Up to 20 participants


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