Program Overview

This 2-day business writing course leads participants through the thinking process behind writing clear messages and business documents. With this strategic writing training process and proprietary document models, writers will improve their personal and corporate productivity, achieve intended results, improve clarity, and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public. Business writing course participants bring their on-the-job writing samples to class for immediate application of the principles learned.

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Why People Don't Know How to Write When They Enter the Workplace
Key Objectives
  • Reduce writing time
  • Condense document length to save reader time
  • Use strategic organizational formats that achieve results
  • Improve business writing clarity to prevent rework and mistakes
  • Organize details and data based on situation/audience analysis
  • Write authoritatively and persuasively to get action
  • Eliminate grammatical errors that mar image, create confusion, and often lead to litigation
  • Select an appropriate business writing style to present a professional image
“I would recommend the strategic writing class because it teaches you how to rethink the way you write, refresh what you’ve learned before, and gives you a better idea of how to clearly communicate to your staff.”
Katherine Kent | | Mary Kay
Who Should Attend

Anyone who writes to deliver results—reports, proposals, procedures, emails, letters. This business writing training also focuses on overall effective communications skills.

Class Size

Up to 20 participants

“The strategic writing class was excellent because it taught me new ways to improve my writing as well as it reinforced some grammatical concepts that had fallen by the wayside.”
Kimberly Clark | | ThinkWell Consulting


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