Program Overview

In this 2-day workshop, participants receive extensive personal coaching to increase their executive presence and improve their delivery style to engage an executive audience. Additionally, attendees will focus on developing presentation content suitable for executive discussions and decisions. They’ll also practice responding to questions clearly, succinctly, and authoritatively. Customized exercises give participants first-hand experience in one-on-one, small-group, impromptu, and sit-down interactions. Participants will deliver eight presentations and receive feedback from peers, instructor, and video. All exercises are business related.

Key Objectives
  • Reduce preparation time
  • Increase executive presence
  • Craft messages to sell ideas and projects to senior executives
  • Design and use visuals effectively
  • Think on your feet to respond clearly, concisely, and credibly
  • Use a dynamic delivery style to engage executive groups
  • Respond to difficult questions with authority and poise
Who Should Attend

Anyone who presents key ideas and messages to executives and others. Course also focuses on oral communications skills, as well as leadership skills.


Participants will receive two books, Communicate Like A Leader (written by Dianna Booher and published by Berrett-Koehler) and Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader (written by Dianna Booher and published by Berrett-Koehler) and a presentation planner for use as a back-on-the-job reference, along with job-aid cards. They will also receive video recordings of each of their presentations.

Class Size

Up to 10 participants


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