Program Overview

Communispond's Delivering Memorable Presentations™ program focuses on developing excellent physical delivery skills—including eye contact, vocal energy, and gestures. It teaches participants techniques for presenting with visuals and handling audience questions. This 1-day, facilitator-led program may be given for a maximum of 12 participants with one facilitator and 14 participants with two facilitators. Participants will be recorded during the program to be able to see and hear how they present themselves to others.

Why Delivering Memorable Presentations™?

Do you envy presenters who deliver their messages with authority and confidence? Do you think those people are born with that talent? Those are learned skills, and you, too, can acquire them. What you learn in this program will enable you to make a powerful impact on your listeners every time you are in front of a group.

A program outline is available upon request.

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Delivery Method
  • At your site by one of our instructors.
  • At your site by your certified instructor. Learn more about Trainer Certification HERE.
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