Program Overview

Communispond's Virtual Presentation Skills program prepares participants to deliver effective presentations online. Participants learn to become comfortable using a web platform, practice presenting visuals, and learn techniques for making their presentations work in an online environment. This programs consists of two online sessions; it may be given for a maximum of 12 participants.

Session One, 120-minutes long, is delivered to the whole group. For Session Two, the participants are divided into small groups of no more than four. Each small group has a 90-minute time slot during which each participant delivers a 5-minute presentation and receives feedback from the instructor.

Why Virtual Presentation Skills™?

In today’s world, almost everyone has attended a web-based presentation. So, people who know how to present effectively in a virtual environment have a serious competitive advantage over those who don’t. Keeping an audience interested and engaged when you’re not
face-to-face with them is not magic. It’s a set of skills that we can teach you.

A program outline is available upon request.

Technology Requirements for Program

The client will specify the online meeting platform and telephony to be used for this program. Rehearsal time and technical assistance must be provided by the client. Program participants must be able to join in live from their locations.

Want to Learn More?

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