Showcase Your Knowledge and Skills

While Communispond's programs are recognized and respected globally, communicating that you earned them can be challenging. This is why we have provided 2 ways to showcase your certifications.

1. Create and Print a Personalized Certificate

2. Download a Digital Badge to post to your email signature, business card, social media, resume, or anywhere else you like to brag a little about what you've accomplished!

Certification certificate Digital Certification Badges

You earned it. Now get the recognition you deserve.

What are digital badges?

Digital badges in a row

We have established a program to help you quickly and easily share verification of your achievement whenever and wherever you choose.

We partnered with Accredible to provide you with a digital version of your Communispond credentials. Accredible is a badging platform that provides:

  • a web-enabled version of your credentials that can be shared online
  • labor market insights that connect your skills to jobs
  • a trusted method for real-time credential verification

Digital badges are web-enable versions of a credential, certification, or learning outcome. You're eligible for Communispond badges if you have taken any of the 5 following Communispond programs:

  • Executive Presentation Skills®
  • Persuasive Dialogue™
  • Socratic Selling Skills®
  • Socratic Selling Skills® for Users®
  • Sales Presentation Skills
How Will I Benefit from Badges?
  • Representing your credential with a badge enables you to share your abilities online in a way that is simple and trusted, and that can be easily verified in real time.
  • Badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to do earn your credential –and what you’re now capable of doing.