When you have strong leaders, you have a strong company.

Diagram showing different levels of leadershipCommunispond offers a series of interrelated programs designed to develop a leader’s understanding of the impact that different management styles have on team performance and strengthen abilities to diagnose causes of non-performance, take action to improve results, conduct successful individual and team coaching and development, and more effectively communicate in workplace conversations and formal performance assessment reviews.

Program Summary

(1 day) Leaders learn the unique performance management competencies to enable the service process to include the human dimension. Managers are taught how to listen to the “voice” of your customers, create customer scorecards, identify and remove barriers to satisfying customers, make recovery practices strategic, provide the flexibility to meet various customer demands, and motivate, assess, and recognize appropriate human behavior in reliably meeting customer expectations. As important as service quality is to business and personal success, many leaders do not understand their role and the critical importance in integrating the human touch in service performance.

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