When you have strong leaders, you have a strong company.

Diagram showing different levels of leadershipCommunispond offers a series of interrelated programs designed to develop a leader’s understanding of the impact that different management styles have on team performance and strengthen abilities to diagnose causes of non-performance, take action to improve results, conduct successful individual and team coaching and development, and more effectively communicate in workplace conversations and formal performance assessment reviews.

Program Summary

(1 day) Traditional problem solving and decision making models require very rigid, complex processes, facilitated by expert consultants. The goal of this workshop is to eliminate the burden and overhead of these traditional models and provide a simple, flexible, powerful model, for day-to-day decision making.

Despite the importance of decision making in our lives—both in business and personal situations, few of us ever receive training in how to make the wisest choices. Left to learn from experience, many times the lessons are costly and inefficient. Research indicates that the correlation between the routine successes of decisions lies not in the content of the decisions themselves, but the process people use to arrive at decisions. The only way to really raise the odds of making a good decision is to learn to use a valid decision making process—one that gets the individual, team, or organization to the best solutions, with a minimal loss of time, energy, money, and composure.

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