The Logic Behind It All

Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users takes the core philosophy of how sales are built, driven, and recorded in Salesforce® and carefully and deliberately blends it with core selling skills (many of which are derived from our world class Socratic Selling Skills® program). Salespeople learn the key skills of selling while using their Salesforce® instance and all it entails. It is only when these two efforts are completely intertwined - selling skills and expert usage of Salesforce® - that you get the greatest momentum, power, and return on investment from both.

“Very helpful to develop a plan around selling. Each section provided step-by-step instructions on breaking down process to be most effective. Thanks!”
Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users Graduate | | A Publicly Traded Investment Management Company
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Key Highlights

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The Research Behind It All

Don't believe us? Believe the research. Every component of this program is back up by research and data.

“Research has shown that companies with formal or dynamic sales processes outperform their peers on a number of measures.”
CSO Insights | | 2014 Sales Performance Optimization Study
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