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Communispond offers a series of interrelated workshops designed to develop a leader’s understanding of the impact that different management styles have on team performance and strengthen abilities to diagnose causes of non-performance, take action to improve results, conduct successful individual and team coaching and development, and more effectively communicate in workplace conversations and formal performance assessment reviews.

The “one size fits all” approach to performance coaching and feedback fits no one well and everyone poorly. Research confirms that performance coaching must vary with the individual and the situation in order to maximize performance levels and maintain strong manager/employee relationships. Coaching is the most critical activity for managers and supervisors to get a return on the investment of their time and influence – the two resources they have for managing the performance of others. The quality of this influence is dependent on the ability of the manager to be flexible in the way they coach performance, and that’s where Communispond comes in.

A quick overview of Coaching for Performance™ and Coaching Communication Skills™
Program Summary

(1 day) This program engages managers in an activity based session that will develop their interpersonal communication skills and provide a framework for holding effective performance and workplace conversations. It will enable managers to keep problem performance discussions focused on the performance problem, keep control of the discussion, and require future focused performance commitments from the employee. Participants will learn a framework for handling problem performance interventions that will be reliable and replicable and provide a higher return on their time and influence—the two resources they have to invest in their employees.

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