When you have strong leaders, you have a strong company.

Diagram showing different levels of leadershipCommunispond offers a series of interrelated programs designed to develop a leader’s understanding of the impact that different management styles have on team performance and strengthen abilities to diagnose causes of non-performance, take action to improve results, conduct successful individual and team coaching and development, and more effectively communicate in workplace conversations and formal performance assessment reviews.

37% of people have left jobs due to bad leadership.

Program Summary

(1 day) A critical indicator of employee productivity and employee retention, according to the recent research regarding high performance, is, “knowledge of what is expected of me at work.” The manager’s first responsibility in performance management is to provide clarity regarding performance expectations. Yet, today many managers struggle with how to ensure clarity around outcome based performance expectations and priorities. This program will provide the framework and skills to ensure performance expectations are clear, understood, and measurable. Help managers put in place a performance measurement process that eliminates the unintended consequences of a poor measurement process. Effective performance measurement is dependent on three critical variables…clarity on what is expected, clarity on acceptable standards of performance, and a method of measurement that clearly communicates the level of performance against the acceptable standard.

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