Your In-House Training Resource

Consider the option of certifying one of your own trainers in one or more Communispond programs. Why Trainer Certification? When you have your own in-house Communispond-certified trainer, you always have someone at the ready to deliver a program, a resource who knows your company culture and your people.

This alternative is an especially attractive, cost-effective alternative for organizations with large populations to train in one of our programs. With a certified Communispond trainer in-house, your company can train whomever you want, whenever you want without the hassle of arranging to bring in outside resources.

Overview of the Certification Process

We work to ensure that the trainer we certify returns to your company with the knowledge and skills necessary to make your in-house programs successful. Because of this our certification process is rigorous. All certification programs are conducted by one of Communispond’s Master Trainers, who will closely monitor your candidate’s abilities and achievements.

Your trainer will spend up to 3 days in an intense private or small group environment learning program content, classroom management skills, and, in particular, Communispond’s unique “in the moment” coaching techniques. Your candidate will be videotaped and coached on his or her delivery skills and receive verbal and written feedback.

What it Means for You, the Certified Trainer

After going through the Communispond certification program, you, the individual trainer, will find yourself with improved facilitation skills and new instructional strategies that you can transfer to any training program you deliver. The Communispond certification credential moves with you throughout your career, as long as you deliver our program on a regular basis.

What it Means for the Organization

A Communispond-certified trainer is an asset to any organization. This person will have acquired unique delivery skills that can be applied to all other programs he or she delivers. You will find that your trainer has renewed confidence as a presenter. Your certified trainer will enable you to conduct Communispond programs whenever and wherever needed at great cost savings.

Showcase Your Knowledge and Skills

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