The LearnTO™ Library is a library of short (3 to 6 minute) bursts of learning, each on a specific topic related to presentations and business communications.

Since 1969, Communispond has been singularly focused on teaching the key skills needed to become a successful presenter. We have relied on the classroom environment and the physical presence of our experienced Communispond faculty to deliver a personalized learning experience which includes our unique, intensive “in the moment” coaching and multiple video recordings.

While we believe that the best, and only, environment for acquiring critical platform skills remains the classroom, the explosion of new technologies has created opportunities for an extension of that classroom, allowing us to enhance the live Communispond experience.

We’ve taken our communications skills training expertise and created an online/on-demand library of modules that extend and expand the Communispond experience beyond the walls of the classroom.

Multiple Delivery Options 

The LearnTO™ Library takes advantage of today’s technologies to deliver high-quality multimedia content anytime and anywhere. You can access the library from the computer at your desk in the office or at home. Or you can use your smartphone and other portable media devices wherever and whenever you want or need a refresher.

Just-in-Time Reinforcement

  • About to stand up and give a presentation? Get an instant refresher with LearnTO Present with Vocal Energy or LearnTO Clear Your Visuals.
  • Calm any anxiety with a 5-minute review of LearnTO Conquer Your Nerves with Eye-Brain Control®.
  • Getting ready to lead an employee meeting about a policy change? Take 6 minutes to review LearnTO Conduct a Q&A Session and be prepared for even the most challenging questions.
  • Putting together a presentation for an industry conference? 5 minutes with LearnTO Organize Your Ideas and planning time will be cut in half.
  • Have to report on a project to the Board of Directors? Spend 4 minutes with LearnTO Give an Effective Briefing and be ready to “net it out” for the top execs.

We’ve even included LearnTO topics that go beyond the skills covered in your Communispond program, topics such as LearnTO Create Complex Visuals or LearnTO Use a Pointer Effectively.

With an initial library of 59 modules and more to come, an investment in the LearnTO Library is an investment in the ongoing development of high performance communication skills for your organization.

The LearnTO Library Consists of:

- Adjust Your Presentation for Different Personalities
- Make Effective Transition Statements
- Analyze Your Audience
- Manage Distractions
- Avoid Email Disasters
- Open a Dialogue and Position Your Topic
- Be a Good Listener
- Open with Impact
- Be Your Own Editor
- Organize Your Ideas
- Clarify the Purpose & Outcome of Your Presentation
- Plan a Team Presentation
- Clear Your Visuals
- Plan to Lead a Discussion
- Close a Presentation
- Present as a Team
- Communicate Across Cultures
- Present Complex Visuals Effectively
- Communicate Persuasively
- Present Visuals with Think-Turn-Talk
- Communicate Successfully via Social Media
- Present While Seated
- Conduct a Q&A session
- Present with Physical Energy
- Conduct an Online Q&A Session
- Present with Vocal Energy
- Conquer Your Nerves with Eye-Brain Control®
- Say “No” Comfortably
- Create a Value Link
- Sell Socratically
- Create Effective Complex Visuals
- Speak on the Spot
- Create High Impact Visuals
- Specify and Isolate Objections
- Deliver a Socratic Opener
- Summarize Effectively
- Deliver a Successful Online Presentation
- Support Your Points with Evidence
- Develop a Line of Inquiry
- Support Your Sales Proposal with Evidence
- Focus on Your Readers
- Understand the Art of Persuasion
- Give a Briefing
- Use a Pointer Effectively
- Handle a Late-Stage Objection
- Use Handouts Effectively
- Handle Challenging People
- Use Silence Effectively
- Handle Pushback
- Use the Power of Stories in Your Presentations
- Handle the Status Quo Objection
- Write High Impact Business Documents
- Improve Your Audience Awareness
- Write Strategically
- Layer Information for Flexible Presentations
- Write with Appropriate Style
- Leave High Impact Voice Mail Messages
- Write with Purpose
- Look the Part

Additional Information

The LearnTO Library is available on an annual subscription basis that includes full access to all modules in the LearnTO Library for all employees of your company/enterprise (depending on terms of license purchase), all updates throughout the year, and ongoing support. You can purchase the library subscription in one of the following formats:

  1. SCORM1 Compliant modules delivered to you on CD/DVD for installation onto your own LMS (Learning Management System) or other delivery platform for computers, smartphones, etc. Additional updates provided by CD/DVD and/or FTP as released.
  2. Communispond can customize a version of our Communispond-Digital LMS for your company. This will include your company branding, an administrator portal for LearnTO system administrators, and a user portal for your company’s users.
  3. Users can self-register and pay individually on the Communispond LearnTO website, or you can purchase User IDs in bulk (minimum purchase is 30 User IDs) and distribute them to your staff as needed. Limited access to the LearnTO Library is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch from the Communispond ProSpeak® application in the iTunes AppStore.

If you choose to access the LearnTO Library from our platform (either as a customized portal or from the Communispond-Digital website), our powerful 100% web-based LMS makes access and administration easy. There’s no need to install software and no interruption to your everyday operations. This fully outsourced LMS helps you manage the entire LearnTO Library user experience - from enrolling users to managing their online activities and tracking their usage.