All Communispond programs incorporate proven ways to transfer knowledge and skills to the workplace. Practice exercises based on the participant's current business situations connect the skills learned in the classroom to their application in the work world. Our programs contain processes, formats, tip cards, and checklists that can reinforce the learning post program.

In addition, to support the consistent use of skills and principles that learners acquire in our workshops, Communispond offers a range of enhanced reinforcement tools and methods:

For the Individual. Reinforcement can continue with tools that inspire learners to keep growing, building on and refining various skill-sets:

For the Manager. Other tools help your managers reinforce new behaviors in the workplace:

  • Instructor-led follow-up classes to assess, coach and reinforce
  • Assessments and checklists for "In the Moment Coaching ®."
  • Certification for managers, who then may lead Communispond workshops.

For the Organization. Genuine culture change requires new skills to become "the way we do things." Organizations can promote positive change with daily skills coaching. We can help with:

  • Expert coaching for senior executives and special events
  • On-the-job training to help managers become effective coaches for specific skill sets
  • Coaching skills training for all levels from senior leaders to individual contributors.