Executive Presentation Skills® – Part 2 enhances existing skills, adds new skills, and applies them to additional high-stakes situations in a complex business world.

Program Overview

Communispond’s Executive Presentation Skills® - Part 2 program reinforces the skills learned in the Executive Presentation Skills®. Participants polish those existing skills and master additional advanced skills from a choice of the following: leading discussions, handling challenging people, maximizing the value of handouts, and presenting as a team. In order to fine-tune participant's presentation delivery, they will be video recorded during the program, peers will give feedback so they recognize how others see them, and the instructor will coach them throughout.

This 1-day, instructor-led program may be given for a maximum of 10 participants with one instructor.

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Why Executive Presentations Skills® - Part 2?

Your mastery of the measured gesture, the controlled posture, the confident voice, and the additional skills you have gained through Executive Presentations Skills® have made you an effective presenter. But in today’s complex business world, the number and variety of presentations you may be called upon to deliver are endless. Executive Presentation Skills® – Part 2 helps you refine your presentation skills, and then builds on them so you can handle new or unexpected situations. In this single-day program, you will take your presentation skills to the next level and repare yourself to deliver messages in new situations, some that you may never have dreamed you could handle.

A program outline is available upon request.

Business Outcomes
  • Associates who apply expanded presentation skills, rising to additional high-stakes situations.

  • Increased presentation flexibility and flair that promote success under the most stressful conditions.

  • Increased organizational payoff from the original investment in professional presentations.

  • Organizational representatives who stay on message in all situations.

  • Increased associate confidence and morale.

  • Clearer, more reliable information delivered to top leadership.

  • Increased commitment as associates earn recognition for clarity and aplomb.

  • Improved effectiveness when presenting with tablets.

Delivery Methods

This program may be delivered at your site by our instructor or at your site by your certified instructor.

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