Unique Content to Fit Your Unique Needs

No company is quite like yours. So, if you have a training need that demands a highly-specific solution, our Learning Solutions Team can help. We offer services that range from something as simple as putting your company logo on the covers of our participant manuals to designing, developing, and delivering a totally new program.

Customization allows you to align Communispond’s content with your company’s unique goals, culture, language, and tasks. We can imbed specific job situations into the training. All of this increases the likelihood of the transfer of training to the workplace.

The Process

Communispond’s Learning Solutions Team has designed hundreds of unique programs for clients across a wide range of industries. Our process for custom work is handled in four phases: Discovery, Design and Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. We leverage adult learning principles and motivational theory to create programs with the right mix of cognitive and experiential learning activities for each situation.

Levels of Customization

We offer four levels of customization:

  1. Minor adjustments -- Includes course name changes, minor searchable terminology changes and addition of logos
  2. Tailoring -- Modification of role plays and other exercises, cosmetic and terminology changes
  3. Reconfiguration – Changes in program content and flow using components from existing programs
  4. Development – New objectives and newly created material

Standard Communispond courses use Level 1 evaluations. The Learning Solutions Team can develop Level 2, 3 or 4 evaluations at the client’s request.