Many of the skills that have traditionally been considered “soft” in the past are no longer optional in today’s working world. In fact, they are in high demand. LinkedIn has already predicted that “persuasion” is one of the most worth learned skill for 2019.

Warren Buffett agrees. When asked about the importance of persuasive public speaking skills, he says that they are some of the most valuable skills anyone can work on today as your communication skills can help you become “worth 50-percent more than you are now.”

You may think that your position is exempt from requiring presentation skills, but it’s likely that you are incorrect. From seminars to meetings and expos, presenting is incredibly diverse and inherent in the modern workplace. Whether you are presenting a budget to your boss, discussing a pay increase or performance reviews, or just meeting with clients, you are relying on your ability to persuade and communicate to the audience in order to get your desired outcome.

From young employees just getting their feet wet in the workforce to c-suite executives, no job position is exempt from needing these valuable skills. Being persuasive through your presentation abilities can help an employee move up through the ranks much faster and more effectively than their peers.

According to research completed by the University of Illinois, persuasion is actually a skill that’s responsible for a growing portion of salaries across the United States. Of 140 million people representing 250 different careers, a statistical model was created based on the average amount of time people spent on persuading others and public speaking. From these statistics, it was concluded that persuasion actually generates nearly a quarter of American’s total income – and this number is expected to rise.

If persuasive public speaking isn’t your area of expertise, you can still get ahead and become more effective in your current career or catch the eye of the next hiring manager by enrolling in a public speaking training program. At Communispond, we have designed our Executive Presentation Skills seminar to help participants get over their fears while learning how to persuade audiences and move them to action.

With statistical research (and Warren Buffett) proving it to be true, public speaking and persuasion skills are no longer optional “soft” skills in the modern workplace. If you are ready to start being more effective in your current position and improve your resume for the future, now is the time to join us for one of our Executive Presentation Skills seminars. Find a session near you here!


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