Post Program Reinforcement

Maximize your communication skills training by leveraging our full suite of post training reinforcement tools offered through Communispond Digital.

Free Lifetime Access

Participants in Communispond’s communication skills training programs receive free lifetime access to Communispond Digital. This platform houses valuable post training resources such as:

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

LearnTO Library: 3-5 minute refresher and learning extension videos

Participant Materials: Access your class workbook digitally

ProSpeak: Downloadable communication skills coach app

Communispond Blog: Access our blog for additional communication skills tips and strategies.

And much more!

Learn more about our ProSpeak app which is like having a

communication skills coach in your pocket!


Why sign up for Communispond-Digital?

  • Digital Badge: Claim your digital badge and share it with your LinkedIn network

  • Ask a Coach: Struggling with a concept from class? Connect with a Communispond Coach to get answers.

  • Mastery Checklist: Work with your classmates to give each other valuable feedback with our Mastery Checklist tool.

Communicast: A Communication Skills Podcast

With Communicast, we work to distill down what it means to be a great communicator. Each episode features a conversation with a business professional about communication skills and how they have impacted their career and overall organization. Listeners will also glean tips around how to hone their own communication skills.

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