Communicast: A Communication Skills and Leadership Podcast

With our communication skills and leadership podcast, Communispond’s President, Scott D’Amico, works to distill down what it means to be a great communicator and leader. Each episode features a conversation with a business professional about communication and leadership skills and how they have impacted their career and overall organization. Listeners will also glean tips around how to hone their own communication skills.

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Communicast Episode 49: The Chemistry of Communication

Intelligence opens doors, but it is your communication skills that enable you to walk through them. My guest, Jorge Camacho, taught high school Honors and AP Chemistry for 25 years before starting his own company, Virtually There Teaching, where he develops engaging...

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Communicast Episode 47: Closing the Communication Loop

Remove your assumptions. Otherwise, you are just going throughout your day guessing. Sage advice from my guest, Heather Younger. Heather is a TEDx Keynote Speaker, Author, and the Founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix. In this episode, we discuss the importance of...

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Communicast Episode 45: Communicating to Reduce Clutter

Do you suffer from calendar clutter? Is clutter causing tension at home? My guest, Laurie Palau, is the founder of Simply B Organized, a lifestyle service designed to help you live simply and work smarter. In this episode we talk about how communication skills are a...

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