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4 Tips on How to Pick up on Non-Verbal Cues

If you want to know what people are thinking, seconds count--actually, fractions of seconds. Scientists have proven that even people who can effectively mask their emotions often use give-away cues like flinching, blinking, or smiling. The problem is they only last...

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4 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Communicate

As you can imagine, in nearly 50 years, Communispond has seen a lot of changes in the technology of the way people communicate. For the most part, the changes have simply been in media or in the speed of communication. The basic techniques of good communication —...

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Listening: Improving the Most Used Communication Skill

Think about your typical day at work. How much of it do you think is spent communicating in some way? A research study found that many of us actually spend up to 80-percent of our day engaged in some form of communication. Of this time, we spend approximately...

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