Communispond Announces New Virtual Program: Communication Skills for Exceptional Customer Service™
February 7, 2022

Announcing: Communication Skills for Exceptional Customer Service

Rochester, NY, February 7, 2022 – Communispond continues to grow its portfolio of virtually delivered communication skills programs with the addition of Communication Skills for Exceptional Customer Service™.

This course is offered in both 4-hour and 2-hour sessions. Both sessions are delivered by a live, virtual instructor and can accommodate up to 30 participants.

Participants learn how to provide customer service that wows their customers and creates raving fans through creating a model for listening, developing customer-focused communication, and identifying ways to “make it easy” for their customers.

“As customer expectations around service continue to increase and evolve, it is essential to equip employees with the skills to not only meet, but exceed these expectations,” said Scott D’Amico, President of Communispond. “At the heart of every customer interaction, whether it be with an internal or external customer, is communication. With our 50 plus years of experience in driving behavioral change through communication skills training, we are excited to apply this expertise to the critical area of customer service.”

Media Contact:

Scott D'Amico
President, Communispond