Communispond Launches “Communicast: A Communication Skills Podcast”
October 26, 2021

Communispond, Inc., a leading global communication skills training organization, has announced the launch of “Communicast: A Communication Skills Podcast.”

Hosted by Communispond’s president, Scott D’Amico, Communicast will feature business leaders and industry experts from a wide variety of fields and functional areas. Each episode will focus on what it means to be a great communicator and share actionable tips for those looking to hone their own communication skills.

D’Amico said, “Over the past several years we have done a great job of providing tools and resources to our clients and followers through our blogs and quick tip videos on social media. Communicast will enable us to not only continue to share our best practices but also hear from others around how they developed their communication skills and the impact those skills have had on their careers.”

The first episode is slated to be released on Tuesday, November 2 and can be accessed anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

View the podcast launch video here: