Communispond®’s Virtual Presentation Skills Program Available to Individuals as a Public Seminar
May 13, 2020

Communispond Inc. has scheduled the first public session of their updated Virtual Presentation Skills™ course to run on June 23rd, 2020. This one-day, live instructor-led program is open to the public and people can register online.

Communispond currently offers Executive Presentation Skills®, Executive Presentation Skills Anywhere™, and Booher Strategic Writing® in both corporate and public settings. In response to changes in how and where people work, Communispond decided to open Virtual Presentation Skills to the public.

“With the recent rapid transition to remote working and the exponential increase in virtual meetings, both internally and externally, we realize there may be a skill gap when it comes to virtual communications. With that, we decided to offer our Virtual Presentation Skills program as part of our ongoing open enrollment schedule,” said Scott D’Amico, VP of Global Sales for Communispond.

Virtual Presentation Skills is a one-day program, which will be delivered through Zoom, that equips participants with the skills and confidence to deliver effective presentations in virtual environments. All of Communispond’s programs are designed to be highly interactive and Virtual Presentation Skills is no exception. This class is all about doing—practicing, accepting feedback, making adjustments, and perfecting skills in a supportive and collaborative virtual environment. The class is capped at 12 participants to ensure a highly engaging experience.

The key objectives of Virtual Presentation Skills are to:

  • Maintain audience attention
  • Speak with confidence
  • Move your audience to action
  • Think clearly on your feet
  • Gesture with purpose
  • Utilize available platform tools
  • Present visuals effectively in a virtual environment
  • Organize and deliver a presentation that gains buy-in from decision-makers
  • Handle audience questions with skill and poise

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