Communispond® Announces Complimentary Lifetime Access to a Communispond Coach
July 3, 2017

EAST HAMPTON, NY, July 3, 2017 – Communispond Inc., the leader in communication, sales, and leadership training, announced today a new training reinforcement offering that comes standard with Communispond programs—complimentary lifetime access to a Communispond coach. This is a new feature that is available to past and future graduates of Communispond programs.(1) Graduates will have access to Communispond coaches via a tile on Communispond Digital called “Ask a Communispond Coach”. The tile will go live on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017.

Ask a Communispond Coach Tile

Communispond is known for providing reinforcement tools with their programs that extends and enhances learning outside of the classroom. At Communispond, the learning never ends when the program ends. This reinforcement includes e-newsletters providing communication tips and techniques, access to industry leading content on their social media channels, access to their LearnTO Library which is an online library of short, 3 to 6 minute videos on specific topics related to presentation and communication skills, and ProSpeak®. ProSpeak® is a Communispond developed application that provides users with instant, interactive feedback on presentation and communication skills. All of these reinforcement tools, and more, can be found on Communispond Digital.

Communispond Digital is a digital learning platform that supports digital learning methods, encourages online collaboration, gives students quick and easy lifetime access to course material, and houses all reinforcement tools, including the newly added “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile. This will enable students to reach out to a Communispond coach any time after the program. To access it, the student logs into his/her Communispond Digital account (each student receives their access key on the first day of class), and selects the orange “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile. An email window will open within Communispond Digital. Once he/she sends the email with the question, a Communispond Master Trainer will receive a notification that there is a message in the inbox. When the reply is sent, the student will receive a notification in his/her associated email account that there is a response within Communispond Digital. When he/she logs in, there will be a red circle with a number in it on the top, right corner of the “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile (similar to what a text message notification looks like on a smart phone).

Communispond Digital

“We are so excited to announce this new feature of Communispond Digital. The new “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile makes it so easy for graduates to reach out to a coach,” said Caryl Bahner-Guhin, VP of Products and Services at Communispond. “And we’re making it available to all graduates (past and future), which means that whether a student graduated from one of our programs yesterday or thirty years ago, they have access to a Communispond coach!”

Access to this new feature on Communispond Digital is retroactive for students. If a student already has access to Communispond Digital, when he/she logs in over the next few weeks, he/she will automatically see the new “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile. If a student took a Communispond program in the past (even if it was prior to Communispond rolling out Communispond Digital) and does not have an access key, he/she may contact Communispond, who will provide an access key.

(1) The initial rollout of the “Ask a Communispond Coach” tile will be available to Communispond graduates of Executive Presentation Skills®, Executive Presentation Skills Anywhere, Delivering Memorable Presentations, Creating Memorable Presentations, Socratic Selling Skills®, Sales Presentation Skills, Sales Presentation Skills Anywhere, and Persuasive Dialogue. Graduates must be registered to use Communispond Digital to gain access to the Coaches. Contact Communispond for more details.