Communispond® Partners with Industry Experts to Offer Proven Leadership Skills Programs
March 11, 2016

ROCHESTER, NY | EAST HAMPTON, NY, March 11, 2016 – Communispond Inc., the leader in professional skills training, has officially launched a new line of Leadership Skills programs to complement their existing portfolio of communications, selling, business skills, and executive coaching programs. The Leadership Skills programs have been used by clients for over twelve years while undergoing updates at least once a year to stay current with the modern workplace.

Leadership Skills

The Leadership Skills programs have the depth of academic learning that one would expect, but it is also coupled with a strong emphasis on behavioral skills of leaders that is explored through the use of frameworks, modeling, and exercises. The amount of activity-based learning outweighs the time spent on theoretical learning. From new supervisors to seasoned executives, this proven leadership curriculum meets the core business needs of raising employee performance, increasing retention, and achieving business results.

The full line of leadership curriculum consists of ten one-day programs:

Supervisory Essentials™

Complementing the new leadership curriculum, is a new series of workshops called Supervisory Essentials™. Supervisory Essentials™ is a series of twelve interrelated workshops that provides the knowledge, tools, and skills to immediately establish a leadership role and helps participants understand how to avoid the typical traps presented to new supervisors and managers. Each workshop wraps up with a “key learning/action planning” discussion and a job aid to help transfer e­ffectiveness back on the job. The goal is to ensure immediate success and allow new managers to quickly establish their leadership role and eliminate the typical start-up challenges.

The Supervisory Essentials™ curriculum is provided in print form, with student and instructor editions, so that instruction of the content can be delivered at your convenience by your organization.

The full line of Supervisory Essentials™ consists of twelve 2-hour workshops:

  • Define Yourself or Others Will!
  • The Customer is the Business
  • Leaders vs. Independent Contributors
  • Working With Your Boss
  • The Law: Compliance Basics
  • Performance Review Skills
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Handling Performance Problems
  • Difficult Direct Reports
  • Your Influence Potential
  • Coaching Style Flexibility
  • Initiative and Delegation

“We are excited to roll out this full line of tried and true leadership programs,” said Bill Rosenthal, CEO of Communispond. “Having strong leaders within an organization is absolutely critical to the success of a company. The research conducted by the Harvard Business School says it all—15% to 20% of the variance in a company’s performance comes down to leadership and according to an article published by, 37% of people have left jobs due to bad leadership. This curriculum of programs and workshops offers a tremendous ROI seeing as though, employees are one of a company’s largest investments.”

“Communispond faculty has been trained to deliver these exciting programs and they have all been formatted and updated to our exact standards,” said Caryl Bahner-Guhin, VP Products and Services at Communispond.