Communispond® Certifies Facilitators in Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users
February 22, 2016

EAST HAMPTON, NEW YORK, February 22, 2016 – Communispond Inc., the industry leader in communications, sales, and leadership skills training, is pleased to announce the recent certification of four new facilitators to teach Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users.

Two of them are located in the U.S., which brings the total number of U.S. certified facilitators up to three. The other two are international, one is located in China and the other in Australia. With the increase in certified instructors, Communispond can better serve the growing demand for Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users, especially in the international markets.

“With the expansion of our facilitators certified to teach Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users we are now able to more easily accommodate the growing requests for this program, not just in the United States, but also globally,” said Jeanie Bress, Senior VP of Global Sales at Communispond. “This has a huge positive impact on the clients. We now have more options to offer in terms of timing and location, and not to mention, a huge savings on travel costs.”

Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users improves a sales team’s sales processes for the immediate and long-term future. In Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users, sales teams learn while using their own instances of® throughout the class. It is because of this that most students post significant advances to their own® instance even before the end of class.

This is a skills training program which focuses on achieving behavioral change. Changing behavior is one of the hardest things humans ever undertake. On the other hand, if the person being changed is committed to doing the hard work of behavior change, results will not only improve, but they will continue to improve as sales professionals’ new skills become second nature to them and they begin to discover new ways to make use of them in the sales process.