Communispond® Announces a New Website and a Rebranding
February 1, 2016

Communispond launches a new website and rebrandingEAST HAMPTON, NEW YORK, February 1, 2016 – Communispond Inc., the industry leader in communications, sales, and leadership skills training, is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new website and rebranding.

Communispond recently launched a new website ( and a new brand design. The new site is easier to navigate and more modern, which complements Communispond’s modernized training offerings, such as EPS Anywhere and Communispond Digital. In an effort to make the site easier to navigate, Communispond’s four main solutions categories are called out on the homepage and also on the ‘Solutions’ page: Communication Performance Solutions, Sales Performance Solutions, Leadership Skills, and Executive Communication Coaching.

“Communispond is well-known for the amount of industry content we create and share, at no cost, so it was important to have a place on the website that would showcase our sought-after content, which is why we created the ‘Insights’ page,” said Jessica Braun, Director of Marketing, Communispond. “The ‘Insights’ page houses all of our blog posts (2-3 posts/week), press releases, news articles, whitepapers, informational videos, and a place where people can sign up to receive our free newsletters.”

Along with the new website came a rebranding that includes a new color palette and a modern look and feel. Two of the most exciting redesigns include Communispond Digital and the two weekly newsletters, The Echo and The Connection. Communispond Digital is an online training reinforcement tool that comes standard with every Communispond course. The Echo newsletter offers useful information to help you improve your presenting and communication skills and The Connection newsletter offers tips on how to hone your sales dialogue skills, all based around the powerful Socratic Selling model.

“We are thrilled to launch the new website and rebranding; it’s been a long time in the making,” said Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Communispond. “With everything now having a uniform look-and-feel, clients can now more easily engage with us—whether it be through our website, Communispond Digital, our blog, our newsletters, and so much more.”