Communispond Renames Their Latest Sales Training Program to Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users
January 21, 2016

ROCHESTER, NY and EAST HAMPTON, NY--(January 21, 2016) -  Communispond Inc., the leader in executive communication, sales, and leadership training, has renamed their latest sales training program to Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users. Communispond originally debuted the program in the spring of 2015 as Momentum Selling for® Users.

"The reason for the rename is simply because the final course incorporates so many aspects of our well-known Socratic Selling system. The new name is a much clearer representation of what the program is and who it's intended for," said Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Communispond.

In today's world, the sales process is digital. However, if your digital system (®) isn't giving you the competitive edge you expected, you can't blame the software. The other half of the equation is having effective sales skills. Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users seamlessly integrates technology with sales skills to work together to drive sales.

Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users makes improvements to sales team's sales processes for the immediate and long-term future. In Socratic Selling Skills® for® Users, sales teams are learning within their own instances of® throughout the class. It is because of this that most students post significant advances to their own® instance even before the end of class.

This is a skills training program and that means it changes behavior. Changing behavior is one of the hardest things humans ever undertake. On the other hand, if the person being changed is committed to doing the hard work of behavior change, results will not only improve, but they will continue to improve as sales professionals' new skills become second nature to them and they begin to discover new ways to make use of them in the sales process.