Communispond® Serves the Increasing Demand for Virtual Instructor-led Training Delivery
February 15, 2017

Communispond Inc., the leader in professional skills training, has seen an increase in demand for virtual instructor-led training over the last twelve months. Clients were skeptical at first, but virtual training has proven to yield results.

One of the biggest contributors to this increase in demand is because virtual training dissolves all barriers of time, location, and cost that typically exist with in-person training. Students have the ability to take a virtual class anywhere an Internet connection is available. This is the perfect opportunity for global teams to take advantage of a consistent training rollout without the need to travel. The virtual solution also offers organizations a cost effective option because it eliminates travel costs.

Even though this is behavioral training, the quality of the training is not lost when taught by trainers that have undergone rigorous virtual instruction training, in addition to already having achieved the demanding requirements to teach the same class in person. The rigorous training leads to consistent delivery of content, coaching, and skill development across global organizations.

Communispond’s clients are amazed at the student’s outcomes after attending a virtual instructor-led classroom training—they are exactly the same as student’s outcomes that have attended in-person classroom training. Because the virtual classes are held with an instructor in real-time, participants receive on-the-spot coaching, just as they would in person. During class, students are recorded and coached live.

Communispond has also addressed the potential for technical issues to arise, so they are never an obstacle. Every virtual class is assigned a dedicated technical/trainer’s assistant so technical issues won’t bog down the class.

“One of our biggest worries when developing our virtual instructor-led curriculum was how participants would react to being trained remotely,” said Caryl Bahner-Guin, VP of Products & Services at Communispond, “but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive with comments such as:

-       “I was skeptical about the virtual format, but am surprised how effective the skills and knowledge transfer worked.”

-       “Love the virtual platform. Everything worked smoothly, didn't have any real hiccups with it at all. Love the breakout rooms and having video capability. It was nice to work in small groups. The instructor and TA did a great job!”

-       “LOVE the virtual format!”

-       “I was not sure how the technology was going to work and if it was going to be effective. It was.”

-       “I was amazed how well this course could be delivered virtually–it was better for me than a F2F environment.”

-       “The program was structured well. It is usually challenging to keep people engaged for so long online, but it was so interactive. We were kept included the whole way along.””

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