Do You Know the Right Way to Apologize to a Customer or Coworker?
May 9, 2017

200407085 001Do you dread dealing with an angry customer especially when you know it was your company who fell short? Or do you dread having to apologize to a coworker? Just remember the longer you wait the harder it will be to apologize.

Instead of agonizing over managing the issue with your customer, view it as an opportunity to build your relationship with your client. It is all in how you handle the situation. If the situation is handled properly it has been shown to increase customer loyalty by as much as 50%. And by effectively apologizing to a coworker will help you act as a leader.

In this article, you will find out how to 

•    Learn whatever you can before you contact the customer.

•    Listen carefully to the customers concerns.

•    Not lose your equanimity.

These tips and many more is just a simple form away. Learn how to turn customer issues into relationship building opportunities by filling out the form to the right and downloading the article.