To Catch a Liar
March 22, 2017 As featured in harvard Business Review | by Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Communispond

Have you ever dealt with that slimy vendor that misleads you into thinking you are getting a deal? Do you have a lazy co-worker who would rather cover up his mistakes than put forth the effort to do the job right the first time?

If you experience these things and would like to know how to spot the verbal and non-verbal clues to detect their honesty level, then this article is for you. This insightful guide to differentiating between lies and the truth will reveal:

  • When is it best to just ignore a lie?
  • How to promote a culture of honesty?
  • How to handle someone’s dishonesty the right way?

These insights and many more are available to you now. Just fill out the simple form below and download the article. If you are struggling to manage dishonesty in the work place then this article is a must read!