• Mar 30
    Link to article on Findcourses.com: https://www.findcourses.com/prof-dev/l-d-articles/six-tips-for-managing-remote-teams-18450 Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many organizations have made the decision to allow employees to work from home. As a manager, being faced with an entirely virtual team in the blink of an eye can be disorienting. How do you maintain the same level of communication and collaboration in your team when everyone is working remotely? Whether your company has allowed employees ...
  • Feb 21
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know you didn’t deliver and need to make amends? There is an art to apologizing that if mastered will go a long way to minimize the damage and come across as credible, reliable and fair. Apologizing isn’t easy. It's essential to apologize whenever you feel you're at fault, though. Learn how good managers do it well: See a live example ...
  • Jan 24
    Successful businesses and business people use every opportunity to communicate with anyone who helps them meet their goals - both within and outside their organizations. These days that means relying heavily on virtual communication channels, such as social networking sites. The hectic environment of social networking can be discouraging, and the pace of change in the social media world isn't going to slow down. If anything, it will continue to ...
  • Jan 22
    Have you ever had difficulty getting your boss to approve a project, or had a customer completely reject your proposal? Meeting your goals will not be accomplished by simply selling the idea harder with more supporting information. The key to removing obstacles to success can be found by reading this article. By employing the tactics outlined in this article, you may be surprised at the response you get from your ...
  • Nov 08
    Imagine this all too likely scenario: You have to deliver some news to a group of employees—and the news isn’t good. It might be about an upcoming cut in head count, the imminent extinction of a valued perk, or one of the other common changes brought about by the recession. The challenge is formidable—but you can handle it successfully. You can generate support for the change and demonstrate to everyone ...
  • Oct 10
    “At some point every manager has to argue with the boss.” Have you ever felt like your boss was making the wrong decision but didn't know how to approach him/her to let them know and perhaps suggest an alternative? Then this article is a must read.
  • Aug 16
    Do you know the 5 essential elements of a successful sales presentation? Or have you ever reflected on a presentation and wondered what you could have done to make that "no" or the client's hesitation be a "yes" instead? After reading this article, think back to your list sales pitch, did it have these 5 key components?
  • May 09
    Do you dread dealing with an angry customer especially when you know it was your company who fell short? Or do you dread having to apologize to a coworker? Just remember the longer you wait the harder it will be to apologize. Instead of agonizing over managing the issue with your customer, view it as an opportunity to build your relationship with your client. It is all in how you ...