Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Selling Skills
February 15, 2018 by Scott D'Amico

Cartoon men shaking on an idea

Salespeople are obviously always looking for ways to make the sale and climb the ladder of sales success. However, they often forget some of the most basic, simplistic selling techniques and tips that can help them easily wow their future clients. In fact, these tips are so simple that it is very common for them to be overlooked.

If you want to make more sales and keep your customers longer, remember these three easy tips:

  • Take notes in meetings. – Customers want to know that all of their needs and requests are being taken care of, so seeing a salesperson without a notepad or laptop at a meeting can understandably make them feel uneasy. Just the act of taking notes while the client is talking can make them confident in you as a sales representative and it will help you remember the list of tasks later on while you are following up on tasks.
  • Respond to phone messages and emails as soon as possible. – Responding to emails and messages quickly or as soon as possible should be one of your top priorities for your clients. In fact, there is no such thing as responding too quickly. When a customer really wants something, sometimes the speed of the reply from you can mean more to them than the content itself. A speedy response will help reassure the client that you are on the job and taking care of them to the full extent of your abilities; should something go wrong, they know you are there to help. The idea of making every customer feel like your only customer may be a cliché goal, but it is one that every successful salesperson sets out to accomplish.
  • Actively listen to the customer. – There is a difference between actively listening to what the client is saying and just waiting for your turn to talk. Unfortunately, many sales people spend most conversations only waiting to speak. The next time you are having a conversation with your client, try to empty your mind of anything other than what the customer is saying and focus on it. Try to also be perceptive to how they are saying it, what their body language is saying, and their overall tone of voice. By truly listening to the client’s hopes, wants, and desires, you will be able to better present your offerings to meet their needs.

These tips are simple, but incredibly effective when used. At Communispond, we offer our Socratic Selling Skills® training to help salespeople learn how to ask the right questions of customers so that they can leverage the answers to sell with power and flair.

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