Un-Can that Presentation: Making Your Group Presentation Relevant
July 26, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

You have a presentation coming up to a group of people who may or may not be prospects for your organization. “Not a problem,” you think. “I’ll just bring the corporate slides and wing it.”

If you think that you’re in for smooth sailing with your pre-packaged presentation, think again. You may be in for a crash landing.

Follow our tips for captivating any group:

1. Presenting to an organization or company? Include their name and logo on the cover slide. Acknowledge them and thank them for allowing you to present

2. Know your audience. Investigate up front so you understand as much as you can about those to whom you’ll address. Gather demographics on industries, job functions, and average age, and education level, affiliations.

3. Customize your content. Use the information you gather to customize your presentation to make it more pertinent to their jobs, their lives. Use examples that align with both your business and your audience. For example: If you’re a technology company and you’re addressing to technical audience, it’s perfectly OK to “talk tech”.  If you’re addressing a business audience, talk about the business benefits related to the technology.

4. Use pertinent stories. An excellent way to drive home a point is to tell a story. Select a story where your audience can envision themselves as playing a part. A great way to do this is to share a client case study where the client profile matches your audience profile.

3. Customize your multimedia. If you’re speaking to a medical audience, use photos of healthcare professionals. Think about the photos and videos you’ll use, and be sure they speak directly to your audience.

Doing your homework up front and personalizing your speech will go a long way towards engaging your audience and keeping them interested.

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