How to Give a Good Group Sales Presentation to Make a Major Sale - 3
June 25, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

Part III: Knocking it Out of the Park

You did your homework on your prospect’s company to create a presentation that’s relevant and personal. Your team prepared and rehearsed to give a relaxed and thoughtful presentation that clearly demonstrates that you’re the right company for the business.

It’s bottom of the ninth inning and your team’s on the plate. Now it’s time to swing like there’s no tomorrow!

Show Your Passion

Use the effective presentation techniques that you learned in your Communispond training! Encourage everyone on your team to turn on the full force of their passion for your solution and deliver the presentation with a high level of energy. This helps to demonstrate commitment and keep the audience involved. There should be changes in voice pitch and timing, with constant movement of the entire body: hand gestures, head turns and facial expressions that help underscore important points.

Advise your team members that when they rehearse their roles they also should rehearse the body movement and voice changes they'll use to emphasize key points. Bringing it all together this way will help them get their roles down pat and eliminate their need for a script. Be sure to have one or more team presentation rehearsals. Having an audience present at rehearsals will generate valuable feedback on how the presenters are coming across.

Check the Room Temperature

Each speaker must ”read” the audience continuously to determine how they’re being received and be ready to adjust their presentations accordingly. If you sense that your audience is becoming inattentive, it’s time to shake things up, perhaps by asking a question, either real or rhetorical. If you’re running short on time, you will have to think on your feet and determine which slides you can skip or abbreviate, and which are critical to your message.

Do you see puzzled looks from your audience? That shows that they don’t understand what's being said. The speaker should backtrack to explain what they’re saying, using an example or an analogy to drive the point home. Maybe the audience is really excited about something. The speaker should delve further into the topic. You want the presentation to stay on course but you may have to make detours if needed.

Fielding Questions

Your team can anticipate some of the questions that will be asked, so discuss and prepare ahead of time. Agree in advance who will answer which questions. Prepare answers that are compelling and concise -- and which tie into one of the major points of the presentation.

Finish with a Flourish

The proposed account executive who’s leading your presentation should take the floor to sum up the major points of the presentation, express appreciation for the opportunity to present and make it clear, with voice and body movement that signals energy and commitment, that your company wants the business.

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