Dialogue Skills 101: Creating the Right Solution for Your Customer
July 2, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

In our last blog post, Dialogue Skills 101: Asking the Right Questions in a Sales Call we shared how to ask the kinds of questions that will encourage your prospect to open up and divulge information nuggets that will help you to close the sale. 

What do you do with those nuggets once you’ve got them? That’s what we’ll talk about in this post.

Once you gather sufficient information from your prospect and reiterate all the key points that the customer has made, only then should you move forward to present your solution.

When you do, it’s important that you assure the customer that you listened carefully to their needs and motivators. Be clear as to how your solution addresses each point. Don’t assume that they will make the connection between need and solution; guide them to associate the two.

For example, if the customer has an explicit need for fast turnaround on orders, explain how your product’s online order system allows them to expedite and track every order, and then tell them that this feature addresses their quick-turnaround requirement and lets them check order status for additional peace of mind.

Track the customer's reaction to what you're saying by asking questions like "How does that sound?" Use the same types of questions to explore what their desired next steps should be and to confirm your understanding.

The Communispond Socratic Selling method is equally effective for new and experienced sales people because it forces them to focus on the needs of the customer. The added benefit is that your customers will sense this attention immediately and will appreciate that they are being listened to and heard.

Also, by checking understanding throughout sales conversations, you guarantee an ideal “no surprises” solution that addresses customer needs.

Remember, by developing listening skills as well as sales skills, you take the focus off the product and place it on the customer. Your sales calls will be more customer-focused, more productive and will result in more closed sales.