How to Give a Good Group Sales Presentation to Make a Major Sale - 2
June 20, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

Part II: Presenting to Win

In our last post, we talked about how to prepare a winning group sales presentation. Today we’ll talk about how to deliver a winning group presentation.

Stand Up

Determine in advance whether the presentation will be delivered standing or sitting. Standing is better because it allows for movement that can demonstrate leadership and energy. If it's a sit-down meeting, be certain that everyone can see your visuals -- particularly the prospect's key decision-maker. You’ll need to focus more on keeping your energy level up and your upper body more animated.  

Communispond recommends that each presenter introduce the next one for smooth transitions. The handoff should link what was said with what's coming so the prospect can follow the presentation's development easily.  

Sharpening Your Team’s Interpersonal Skills   

Have good visuals? Great! Just make sure that your presenters take center stage. Remember, how well your team communicates on a human level. Be sure to project warmth, integrity and an emotional commitment to helping your prospect meet their goals.


A word about scripts: Don’t.  

Your team can't communicate on a human level if they’re reading from scripts. Rehearse the presentation enough so that team members can deliver it while looking the audience in the eye, one person at a time. Steady eye contact is essential for building trust.  

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