Disciplinary Xenophobia
November 8, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

Ever hear of disciplinary xenophobia? It’s the term coined by Dr. Dennis Benson to describe why different departments of a company don’t get along. 

According to Dr. Benson, a writer and consultant in Columbus, Ohio, this impacts sales people in a number of ways: 

  • Your client might discount other buying centers in the company. Don’t let that discourage you. 
  • You might discount other buying centers—don’t let your prejudices (or laziness) get in the way of new opportunities. 
  • People in your own company might not always share information with the sales department for a number of reasons, including not thinking you’d be interested. 
  • You might feel that others should come to you with information because you’re in sales. Seek out others in your company and always ask what’s new.