Presenting can be a challenging thing to do in front of any audience, but it is an especially stressful task when it is in front of your manager, CEO, or company leaders. Whether you have a great new idea to pitch or need to give a presentation about a recent project, presenting to your manager requires you to approach things with a slightly different set of skills when compared to just speaking to an audience of peers.

No matter the reason behind your presentation, presenting in front of your manager(s) requires a few adjustments to your public speaking skills and good preparation time. Instead of panicking, keep these helpful tips in mind while preparing and delivering your speech:

Have an Attainable Goal and Ask for It – What exactly is the goal of your presentation? Are you looking for advice? Do you need funding for a project? Being specific with your manager about what you need from them and how they can offer support so that you can achieve success. Whether it is a small change that just requires approval or a large, involved project, be direct in the actions that are required from your leader or manager so that there is no confusion.
Don’t Bog Things Down – You must make sure that your presentation is as informative as it needs to be without being overwhelming with information. Before you begin preparing, take the time to consider your manager’s level of familiarity and experience with the subject at hand, his or her interest levels, and how much information they may need to understand what you are trying to get across. Make sure that your presentation includes the information that also addresses the leader’s responsibility at the company so that he or she can give their approval or funding, or they can get the process started.
Consider Timing – Company leaders and managers are very busy people. While this meeting may be the biggest thing on your schedule that day or week, it could just be one of several on their own. Instead of being surprised if the presentation is delayed by a few minutes or if it gets cut short so your manager can leave to head to another meeting, prepare yourself to give an abbreviated version if needed. The goal should be to have enough time to pitch the idea while also allowing for a brief discussion or questions.
Be Aware of Your Idea and Offer Options – You must take the impact that your presentation could have on the company into mind as you craft your speech. Be sure to consider what would need to change, if there would be any repercussions, the potential responsibilities, and the possible results of your idea. If necessary, be ready to make suggestions and recommendations to your higher-ups on how they can help you accomplish your goal.
Don’t Panic – No matter the goal of your presentation, do not let your nerves get the best of you. A person in a leadership position at your company is still just a person. Their title may be different, but they are really just like you.
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