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March 2022:

"I thought I was good at presenting before, but it turns out I wasn't! This program helped me become a more efficient communicator and presenter."

"Learning eye-brain control was very helpful and my biggest takeaway."

"Great job, Olga! Thank you for your time and expertise."

"Olga's instruction was engaging and exceeded my expectations."

"Thank you for an awesome class! It was scary but I'm sure I will use most of what I learned for years as a professional."

January 2022:

"This experience was amazing, being able to practice and have live coaching helped. I could see the difference after only the first few hours."

"Very helpful and useful class. I really like "in the moment" coaching as we are presenting so we can work on what we had issues with. A must take course for all Directors and above."

"Scott was great. Definitely some activities out of my comfort zone - but that was the point of taking the course. There were a lot of skills taught /learned that will be easy to remember and use."

"Amazing improvements of all participants. Awesome instructors, content, and coaching."

"So thankful for this opportunity!"

"Thank you for all of your coaching and guidance!"

"Excellent class. Very engaging and informative."

"This will be a great addition to my skillset. Thank you Brendan & Scott."

September 2021:

"Wish I had been offered a chance to learn these skills when I was in college/a younger man. Essential!!"

"The coaching I received in this course was excellent. While I feel right now that I have a long way to go, I now understand what areas in my presenting require practice. I felt that some of the presentation skills presented were designed to help sales people, but I was also able to apply much."

August 2021:

"Great coaching and really appreaciate the "live feedback" method. Well done!"

"Well put together program and Jim is a top-notch instructor!"

'Thank you for leading/teaching us through this course!"

"I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I still have a lot to practice. If anything, another day to tweak presentations would have been helpful."

"Overall, it was a great and interactive class."

"Great class. I definitely improved my skills presenting."

"Thank you! Great presentation.  I learned a great deal."

"This was an awesome program, with skills/techniques very applicable to my job! Thank you!"

"Garry made public speaking seamless and exciting. Great experience!"

"Great training. Getting "out of your comfort zone" is a good experience."

July 2021:

"Could see such a difference within 24 hours, and I am able to use these skills firsthand in my job more confidently."

"Had a lot of fun. Enjoyed the fact that Jim kept discipline, while allowing us to have some laughs and friendly chats."

"I like receiving feedback in the moment and not minutes or hours later. Helps me recognize my faults and correct them."

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