Virtual Presentation Skills™ (EMEA)


Keeping an audience engaged and interested when you are not with them in-person is challenging. Fortunately, Communispond can help you develop a competitive advantage by teaching you how to become a more effective presenter in a virtual setting with our Virtual Presentation Skills program. In this course, you will learn to become comfortable using a web platform to present, practice presenting visuals, and develop techniques for making your presentations engaging and effective in an online environment.

1 day, 09:00 AM GMT - 05:00 PM GMT


  • £695.00 excl.


This program is delivered live through the ZoomTM platform and is broken into multiple live, facilitator-led sessions with breaks in between. Class is capped at 10 participants to ensure a highly interactive and engaging learning experience.

Mastery of the core virtual presentation skills taught in this 1-day course will build your confidence to deliver virtual presentations with impact – even under the most challenging and pressure-filled business situations.

Who should attend?

Any business professional who prepares and/or delivers presentations in a virtual environment. While this program is delivered via Zoom, the communication skills taught are easily transferrable to presentations delivered on other platforms. 

Learn everything you need to know about how to:

- Maintain audience attention

- Speak with confidence

- Move your audience to action

- Think clearly on your feet

- Gesture with purpose

- Utilize available platform tools

- Present visuals effectively in a virtual environment

By the end of this program, you will:

- Build your confidence as a virtual presenter in a safe and supportive environment

- Learn by presenting subjects from your own work environment

- Return to your job a more confident and persuasive professional

- Feel empowered to use your new skills immediately

- Be confident that you can deliver clear and focused messages

- Know that your improved presentation skills will help build your career

Program reinforcement:

Participants receive free, lifetime access to Communispond Digital, our unique learning platform for during and after class. Communispond Digital combines our award-winning curriculum with an indispensable digital platform that supports digital learning methods, encourages online collaboration, gives students quick and easy lifetime access to course materials in a digital format, and so much more.


Testimonials from past participants:

"Valuable training; able not only to identify problems, but also provide solutions to try out."

"Very helpful. Appreciated individualized feedback and thought the smaller group setting worked well."

"Thank you very much. I learned a lot, now I feel more confident to present impactful visual, very good tips."

"Awesome class today. I learned a lot and am very happy that I took this class.”

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