Executive Presentation Skills® – Atlanta


This public speaking class is all about doing — practicing, accepting feedback, making adjustments, and honing your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. In Communispond’s 2-day Executive Presentation Skills® training program in Atlanta, you will acquire the skills and confidence to organize and deliver effective presentations to any size audience. Through individual video recording and playback, you will be able to see immediate improvement in your public speaking and presentation skills.

2 days, 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • $1,550.00 excl.


Mastery of the core public speaking skills taught in this 2-day public speaking and presentation skills training course in Atlanta will build your confidence to deliver presentations with impact – even under the most challenging and pressure-filled business situations.

Who should attend?

Any business professional in the Atlanta area who gives presentations or has public speaking engagements. Our classes are self-tailoring and often contain a mix of skill levels. 

By the end of this program, you will:

- Build your confidence as a presenter in a safe, supportive environment

- Learn by presenting subjects from your own work environment

- Return to your job a more confident and persuasive professional

- Feel empowered to use your new skills immediately

- Be confident that you can deliver clear and focused messages

- Know that your improved public speaking skills will help build your career

Learn everything you need to know about how to:

- Conquer nervousness when presenting and speaking in public

- Think clearly on your feet

- Use your voice projection and body language to hold audience attention

- Analyze your audience to maximize the impact of your message

- Create high impact visuals

- Present visuals with confidence and conviction

- Adjust your public speaking skills to a virtual environment

- Deliver a concise point of view in an impromptu situation

- Organize and deliver a presentation that gains buy-in from decision-makers

- Give a concise and effective briefing under pressure

- Handle audience questions with skill and poise

Program reinforcement:

All participants in this public speaking and presentation skills training program in Atlanta will receive free access to Communispond Digital, our unique learning platform, during and after class. Communispond Digital combines our award-winning curriculum with an indispensable digital platform that supports digital learning methods, encourages online collaboration, gives students quick and easy lifetime access to course material in a digital format, and so much more.

Testimonials from past participants:

"This was a very valuable course I wish I would have taken years ago! I can't wait to practice what I learned - I already feel that there is a difference in my style!"

"Instructors were great. Covered a lot of material in a clear and concise way with understanding and empathy. Felt comfortable in uncomfortable situations."

"This was beyond helpful! I have never been taught these skills before thinking back to college and high school presentation courses. These skills, especially Eye-Brain Control, will make me a much better presenter and seem way more confident and knowledgeable. I am absolutely going to keep practicing and using these skills."

"Very helpful instructors and materials. It was amazing to see how everyone changed from day 1 to day 2.”



Important details:

Please note that we do not recommend booking any non-refundable travel (flights, hotel, etc…) until the program has been confirmed and you receive your course instructions. Communispond reserves the right to cancel events that do not meet the minimum number of participants.