Man giving flowers in apologyHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you know you didn’t deliver and need to make amends? There is an art to apologizing that if mastered will go a long way to minimize the damage and come across as credible, reliable and fair. Apologizing isn’t easy. It’s essential to apologize whenever you feel you’re at fault, though. Learn how good managers do it well:

  • See a live example of the difference a good apology can make through David Swanson, former CEO of R.H. Donnelly Corp (now Dex One Corp.), and David Edmondson, former CEO of RadioShack.
  • Learn what is called “Eye-Brain Control” and its essential role in proper communication.
  • Get insights into the difference between “Mistakes were made” and “I made a mistake” and how it can change the effectiveness of your apology.

Apologizing right is an art form and it is important to carefully consider your words, body language and method of apology. Learn more by filling out the form below to download the article.


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