In this episode, Susan Davis, who is the Director of Global Sales Training for the Pharma Services Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific and the leader of SH Davis Empowerment Group, discusses the importance of understanding yourself and others to be an effective communicator and how critical it is to be intentional with your connections and relationships.

About Susan Davis:

Susan Davis has spent over 24 years leading, coaching as well as mentoring individuals and teams in the areas of Sales and Leadership Development. Susan is also skilled at designing, from the ground up, Sales Training Curriculum and Programs, Competency/Capability Assessments as well as New Hire Training and Onboarding. Susan works cross-functionally with sales leadership teams to build long-term infrastructure for sales teams and sales leadership. She has over 20 years of experience in sales and is passionate about helping sales professionals develop new skills that will add value to their customers. She does this through methodology training, competency and capability development, self discovery and personality insights, leadership training/development and coaching to performance.

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