Brand is built from the inside out. So, if you want a strong brand, focus on internal communication first. My guest, Pam Nemec, is the Founder and CEO of InsideOut, where she helps executives build leadership and communication systems. In this episode we chat about the importance of focusing not only on what you say, but also how, when and when. We discuss how to identify the various layers of your audience and why you should strive for reasonable.

I hope you enjoy.

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Key Moments:

The importance of communication in all aspects of life [00:00:22]

Discussion on how communication impacts every aspect of life, whether at home or at work.

Building a brand and culture through communication [00:02:42]

Exploration of how communication plays a role in building a brand and culture within an organization.

Creating processes and systems to support a strong culture [00:08:47]

Importance of building systems and processes to create and maintain a strong organizational culture.

Developing Trust and Relationships [00:12:17]

Building trust and relationships is crucial for effective communication, especially when delivering difficult or controversial messages.

Transitioning from Transactional to Consultative Communication [00:15:35]

Over time, communication professionals should aim to become trusted partners and consultants, offering valuable insights and perspectives.

The Importance of Patience in Communication [00:19:34]

Having patience and taking the time to understand the whole situation before communicating can lead to stronger and better-received messages.

The concept of communicating to multiple audiences [00:21:25]

Importance of considering different perspectives and tailoring messages to various audiences for effective communication.

The importance of speaking up and sharing opinions [00:23:58]

The value of being honest, trustworthy, and willing to speak up in challenging situations for personal and professional growth.

Influential leaders who shaped communication style [00:27:17]

The impact of leaders who valued and respected the opinions of all employees, leveling the playing field and building relationships for better decision-making.

The importance of inclusive leadership [00:31:17]

Scott and Pam discuss the importance of leaders being inclusive and valuing the opinions of all members of the organization.

The role of processes and systems in collaboration [00:32:32]

Pam emphasizes the need for processes and systems to facilitate collaboration and decision-making in larger organizations.

The significance of communication skills for career success [00:35:05]

Pam highlights the critical role of communication skills in propelling one’s career and building a brand’s culture within and outside the organization.